After teaching history for many years, David and Jeanne retired from the classroom, Jeanne most recently as Professor Emerita of History at the United States Air Force Academy. Meanwhile, their collaborations on research, writing, and editing have resulted inаnumerous books and articles about the earlyаAmerican Republic,аJacksonian America, and the Civil War. Their work includes the critically acclaimed Henry Clay: The Essential Americanаand the award-winning Washington’s Circle: The Creation of the President

In their most recent bookаThe Rise of Andrew Jackson: Myth, Manipulation, and the Making of Modern Politics, they tell the story of Jackson’s quest for the presidency.а

The Heidlers are represented by Geri Thoma of Writer’s House Literary Agency.а

( Heidlers Photo Credit: Don Jones, Studio Nine Commercial Photography) ай David and Jeanne Heidler 2020